How to clean linear rails?

We got some complaints from customers that the linear rails were not clean, or there was dust inside.

When retrospecting the entire production process, we realized that the dust came from two steps.

First, The cleaning fluid which is used to clean slider shells wasn’t replaced in time. It turned out that some dirt would be re-adsorbed on the shells after Ultrasonic cleaning.

Second, steel balls aren’t absolutely clean, and have invisible iron powder attached.

how to clean MGN linear carriages

So, we improved the cleaning steps:

First, replace the cleaning fluid more often.

Second, put the slider shells in another cleaning machine for rinsing after the first ultrasonic cleaning;

Third, cleaning linear sliders again after assembled. It helps clean the dust on steel balls.

Finally, check if they’re absolutely cleaned, run smooth, and quality great, and then pack them.

Please be free to tell us if you’d like us to help add grease before shipment.

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