linear rail guide hiwin EGW

linear rail guide hiwin EGW

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LiMo HS15W is equivalent to HIWIN EGW15CA, Schneeberger BMW15-H, MRK MEW15CA, THK SR15TB, TBI TRS15FN, STAF BGXS15FN, PMI MSB15E.

LiMo HS20W is equivalent to HIWIN EGW20CA, Schneeberger BMW20-H, Bosch Rexroth R1693-8, MRK MEW20CA, THK SR20TB, TBI TRS20FN, STAF BGXS20FN, PMI MSB20E.

LiMo HS15WS is equivalent to HIWIN EGW15SA, Schneeberger BMW15-J, MRK MEW15SA, THK SR15SB, TBI TRS15FS, PMI MSB15TE, SBC SBI15FV.

LiMo HS20WS is equivalent to HIWIN EGW20SA, Schneeberger BMW20-J, Bosch Rexroth R1663-8, MRK MEW20SA, THK SR20SB, TBI TRS20FS, PMI MSB20TE, SBC SBI20FV.

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