linear rail hiwin EGH

linear rail hiwin EGH

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LiMo HS15 is equivalent to HIWIN EGH15CA, Schneeberger BMW15-L, MRK MEH15CA, THK SR15W, TBI TRS15VN, STAF BGXS15BN, PMI MSB15S, SBC SBI15HL, NSK LS15AL, ABBA BRS15B.

LiMo HS20 is equivalent to HIWIN EGH20CA, Schneeberger BMW20-L, Bosch Rexroth R1694-8, MRK MEH20CA, THK SR20W, TBI TRS20VN, STAF BGXS20BN, PMI MSB20S, SBC SBI20HL, NSK LS20AL, ABBA BRS20B.

LiMo HS15S is equivalent to HIWIN EGH15SA, Schneeberger BMW15-K, MRK MEH15SA, THK SR15V, TBI TRS15VS, STAF BGX15BS, PMI MSB15TS, SBC SBI15SV, NSK LS15CL, ABBA BRS15BS.

LiMo HS20S is equivalent to HIWIN EGH20SA, Schneeberger BMW20-K, Bosch Rexroth R1664-8, MRK MEH20SA, THK SR20V, TBI TRS20VS, STAF BGX20BS, PMI MSB20TS, SBC SBI20SV, NSK LS20CL, ABBA BRS20BS.


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