How to adjust linear slider SBR20UU’s clearance?

If you’re not happy with your new-bought linear carriage SBR20UU. It was so noisy and did not slide smoothly. Here is a solution to help you.

The quality can be improved by adjusting the clearance between SBR20UU and its linear rails.

Where and how to do it?

The adjusting positions are on the top of the screw hole and on the slider of the screw hole. You can adjust clearance by tightening or loosening the screws, simple and easy.

When the clearance is large, the sliding sound is particularly shaft; when the clearance is decreased, the sound will be lighter and dull. But the movement may be stopped if the gap is too little. So you need to find an appropriate position.

Certainly, SBR20 linear rails are not a good option if you’re building a low-noise device. I recommend you choose SGB rails or LGD rails. If the noise of SBR linear guideways is like the shouting of a mob, the sound of SGB/LGD linear rails is like the whisper of a couple.

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