Anti-dust linear rail carriage SBR16UU & SCS16UU

Are you tired of dust covering your whole shop after flattening your slabs?

You need dust-free linear carriages.


Because it has sweepers on both sides of linear sliders, prevents tiny splinters from entering linear bearings and stops movements.

Anti-dust linear rails SBR20UU / SC20UU for CNC woodworking machines.

You know, most break-down is caused by splinters choking the running.
Linear sliders could run more smoothly and much longer if it has sweepers.

How about plastic bearings or copper bearings?

  • First, Normal linear ball bearings.

It has Nylon holders to correct the movement of balls. Very popularly used in Router sled. It is almost perfect for woodworking devices if putting wipers on both sides.

  • Second, Stainless steel linear ball bearings.

The only difference between the first one is that it uses stainless steel holders. It can absolutely load the highest duty. Applicable in stone cutters.

  • Third, Linear plastic bearings.

It has engineering plastic linear bearings inside. Applicable for oil production industry and corrosive environment. I don’t think it’s a good option for woodworking devices.

  • Forth, Linear copper bearings.

It has Graphite copper sleeves inside. The biggest advantage is silence. Applicable for dust-free industries. The linear sliders would be stopped easily by chips when it’s used in CNC woodworking machines.

Advertisement time.

Linear rail router sled kits

We have a full stock of anti-dust linear guides, including SBR linear sliders and SCS linear carriages.
Delivery directly from China at a very competitive shipment cost.
We will make the best shipment solutions for you asap after I get your inquiry.
Small sample orders are also applicable.

Free technical consulting is also open to every CNC lover.

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